Rules of engagement

What are the rules?

The rules of engagement (The Rules) are intended not to be restrictive but rather to help ensure a safe space for all and to help encourage open discussion. The Rules are subject to change and will be posted here if and when a change is required and go into effect when posted.


  1. All are welcome
    • This includes ET and human alike
  2. No aggression is allowed
  3. Courtesy is to be extended to all
  4. Everyone is allowed to speak their ideas and opinions
    • You are not required to agree with everything or anything someone says or speaks about
    • You are free to discuss alternatives to the opinion or ideas presented
      • All discussion and counter-discussion is to remain cordial, non-aggressive and nonjudgmental
  5. Keep political opinions and discussions separate from any MUFON meetings
    • Discussion regarding possible government or military  involvement in UFOs is permitted
    • Discussions or comments regarding political parties, politicians or related subjects is not
  6. No judgement of others ideas, views or presentations
    • NO chastisement or judgement of others for their ideas, views or beliefs
  7. Religion can be discussed as long as the discussion is cordial, non-aggressive, nonjudgmental and is clearly and directly related to the UFO or experiencer phenomena
    • We welcome individuals of all faiths, nations and species.
    • Some subjects, ideas or aspects of each may encroach or even conflict with your own religious views, ideas, beliefs or paradigm as a whole. You are not asked to change your beliefs nor to believe in all or any part of the ideas or views shared. You are asked to accept that another’s ideas and beliefs are their own and it is their right to have and hold their beliefs as they choose.
  8. All minors are to be attended at all times
    • We are a family friendly group and meeting space. We respect family and time with family and greatly appreciate the families involvement and interest in the subject. We ask that you do your part in turn respecting the group and group setting.
  9. All UFO sightings are to be reported on the MUFON page “Report a UFO” to initiate an investigation before any public discussion
  10. We do not discuss any details of any reports before the report investigation is complete
  11. We are glad to discuss any UFO sighting or event in the group setting after the report has been submitted and the resultant investigation completed