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How to apply for the FI position

Before covering the process of becoming a Field Investigator, here is some important information

  • All Field Investigators are volunteers. 
  • This is an unpaid position and we do not get reimbursed for any costs or expenses. 
  • We are responsible for purchasing our own tools and equipment, materials, supplies, consumables and any costs for travel including gas, lodging (rarely required) or food / dinning. 
  • If you are looking for fame and fortune then the FI position is probably not for you
  • Further it is important to note that becoming a member of MUFON International, purchasing the Field Investigator’s manual and passing the related exam does not guarantee a person will be made a Field Investigator.

What makes a Field Investigator

Some qualities and characteristics required for being a Field Investigator include but are not limited to:

  • Critical thinking skills (the ability to apply logic to approach and solve problems)
    • This is in reality a subjective term. One person’s definition of logic may not fit that of another. Perhaps it will help to know that we approach investigations using the scientific method. Results must be founded on science as opposed to hearsay or information published on the Internet.
  • Excellent People skills (the ability to understand and communicate with others effectively and in a friendly manner)
    • We work with people from all walks of life and having every variety of religion, culture and preconceived ideas. In order to do our jobs effectively we must be able to understand and communicate with witnesses effectively in order to gain the information required to complete an investigation.
  • Personal transportation
    • We travel to all corners of our area(s) of responsibility. This requires that we are able to provide our own means of transportation and be able to pay for related fuel and/or travel expenses out of our own pockets (we do not get reimbursed for any costs or expenses).
  • Financial stability
    • There will be costs involved including costs for travel, equipment, supplies and consumables, etc…

    • A small example of equipment to be expected can be found by going to the top menu, mouse over UFOs and click Tools of the trade. This list is by far NOT exhaustive but is certainly a good start.

Hopefully this information will aide you in your research and investigation of your venture in becoming a MUFON Field Investigator. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the field!

For questions or to speak with us about becoming Field Investigator click the Contact Us link from the top menu.

MUFON Int’l Membership

Becoming a Field Investigator (FI) can be a very personally rewarding experience.  To become an FI is a simple 5 step process that starts with becoming a member of MUFON Int’l.

Visit for MUFON Int’l membership options.

Purchase the FI Manual

As a member you will be able to purchase the MUFON Field Investigator Manual from the MUFON online store.

The FI’s Manual is more than just a book of suggestions and information, it should be part of the FI’s field kit on every case they investigate. It can and should be used and referenced during any investigation. 

After completing purchase of your FI Manual, we ask that you click the Contact us link on the top menu and and let us know you have purchased your manual and are preparing to study

Take the test

Having studied the manual and learned to quickly find the information or detail in question you are ready to take your exam. You have 12 months after purchase of your manual to pass the exam and 3 opportunities to take the exam within that 12 month period.

The exam is an open book test and is designed not to test your memory recall of the material. The test confirms you are familiar with the manual and are able to quickly find and reference the information needed while in the field.

Field Investigator Training

So you’ve passed the exam!
Your an FI, right?

Not quite yet… Having proven you know how to use your manual, you are now required to be trained and mentored by experienced and seasoned Field Investigators.

You are now a Field Investigator in Training or a FIT. You will accompany FIs during investigations and work with them during the investigation process.

With time, training, work and perseverance you can attain the much coveted title of Field Investigator.

Graduation as Field Investigator

Upon graduation, you have achieved the required level training and you are found ready to investigate cases on your own.

But wait, is this it?
Is that all there is?

After achieving the coveted title of Field Investigator, there are many opportunities and experiences available for you both locally in the Georgia chapter as well as with MUFON International as a whole. Take your time to become well seasoned and hone your trade.

In MUFON the sky is no longer the limit!

If being a UFO Field Investigator sounds like something you would be interested in pursuing, click here for additional information to help in your decision whether to become an FI.