Additional Information

This page provides you the information you will need to help you decide whether to become a MUFON UFO Field Investigator

I plan to speak with all applicants but I do not want you to wait for us to discuss details of the MUFON UFO Field Investigator volunteer position. I have found that I can instead document what seemed to be all the information others have wanted to know I had shared on the phone.

It seems most are able to make their decision whether to become an FI or not from the information provided below however I’m glad to answer any additional questions you have or provide additional information not provided here required to help make your decision whether to pursue becoming an FI. Feel free to email me your question(s) or what additional information you would like to have to help you with your decision.

Please let me know whether you decide to accept or decline the challenge of becoming a Field Investigator. If you do accept the challenge, please let me know your timeline when you expect to become a member and purchase the FI Manual.

What it means to be a MUFON UFO Field Investigator

The closest job comparison similar to the UFO Field Investigator position is that of a law enforcement detective or investigator. With 85%-95% of the reported sightings having a mundane or “Identified” solution, a Field Investigator just as a detective or investigator, must be patient and diligent investigating each report as it comes along.

A UFO Field Investigator is a person who wants to be part of investigating and deciphering the UFO phenomena for their own personal education and the desire to work and contributing with others to unravel the mystery behind the phenomena. Some derive a sense of pleasure or fulfilment being in service to others who submit reports attempting to understand what they have observed. A person who chooses to be an FI must be self-motivated and have an interest strong enough to maintain their drive while working through the %85-%95 of mundane reports in order to get to that one unknown and unconventional sighting event.

When an FI is assigned a report to investigate, the FI contacts and speaks with the reporting witness to gather details and if warranted, to arrange an on-site interview at the location of the reported event to collect information and if rated to lead CAT2/CAT3 reports, to collect evidence if any. After collecting information and details from the sight, the FI will then use the resources available to them in attempt to correlate what was observed to a possible known object or natural phenomena.

If the FI is able to correlate the report to a known object or natural phenomena or if the object cannot be associated with a known object or phenomena but sufficient information strongly indicates a known mundane solution, the report will be given the disposition of “IFO”. If the object does not meet the characteristics of known man made or natural objects or phenomena, the report will be given a disposition of “Unknown”. Having a disposition of unknown does not indicate an alien or non-terrestrial sourced object but rather simply that we are unable to associate the reported object with a known object or characteristics of known objects. The FI then completes a written report which is then uploaded to the MUFON database for future research.

How to become a Field Investigator

The website fully describes the process of becoming a Field Investigator and provides links to the items required including the MUFON Field Investigator manual.

Important information

  • The FI position is a volunteer position without any compensation or reimbursement
  • Becoming a member and purchasing the manual does not guarantee or ensure someone will become an FI
  • Some qualities we are looking for are listed on Georgia’s website above as well as in this document below
  • After completing the exam a background check is required and will be completed by MUFON Headquarters as part of processing your application and information
  • If you are looking for fame and/or fortune or for your spot on television, you will not find it as a Field Investigator.

Common questions

  • Costs associated with the position
    • As a MUFON Field Investigator it is necessary to be member of MUFON International. The website above includes a link to the MUFON International membership page.
      • The specific type of MUFON International membership is up to your discretion and choice, the only requirement is that membership must remain current.
      • If you purchase a 1-year membership package, MUFON HQ will email you a letter after passing your exam offering a discount on early renewal of your next year’s membership. This is only valid for early renewal and only after successfully passing your exam in the 12 month period after purchase of your manual.
      • ONLY MUFON International membership is required. GA MUFON membership is optional, however we would be glad to have you.
    • The other immediate costs is the Field Investigator’s manual. This is an essential tool for the investigator in the field.
      • If you visit the MUFON store to find the manual as opposed to using the link provided on the website above, you will find reference to the electronic version of the manual as well as an FI Training package (just under $200) which includes the electronic version of the manual.
        • The Electronic version of the manual is a 1-yr subscription which will give you access to the manual for only 12 months and is only available online. If investigating a report in a remote area and you do not have WiFi, you in turn also will not have access to the manual.
        • The FI training package includes the electronic version of the manual. You are welcome to purchase the FI training package it but it is not required. The FI training package is not a substitute for the required FI training / mentoring period with experienced GA FIs.
      • Regardless your choice in purchase, I strongly recommend the print version of the manual.
      • You have 12 months after purchase of the manual and 3 opportunities in that 12 month period to pass the online exam.
    • The next costs of incident is that associated with your field kit containing your tools of the trade.
      • On the Georgia website top menu of the is a menu item Finding UFOs. All of the articles listed are good to read but the article titled Tools of the trade provides a good “starter” for a new FI. It is by far not exhaustive and as you progress you will want to add more items to your kit.
      • The FI Manual provides a list of items which would comprise a complete FI Tool Kit. It is not required to have the complete tool kit immediately however in order to be lead investigator and actively participate in more interesting CAT2 or CAT3 report investigations, it is necessary to have the tools and equipment necessary to conduct such an investigation.
    • Other costs as expected include costs for travel, expendables, consumables, etc…
  • Time involved
    • The time required to complete an investigation varies with each report. Some can be completed in a couple of hours while others can take months to complete. The cases that take time to investigate are the interesting ones that really keep us (or me) interested in the field, even if the case ends with a mundane solution.
    • As for time required per week, I will first say that most of us have jobs and families and these take priority over an investigation.
    • That said if we have reports to complete, I will work you as much as you’ll allow me. Ultimately you tell us your level of time availability.
    • The more restrictive your time available could limit the number of reports available for you to investigate. As your duration of time as a trainee (FIT) is directly related to your shadowing experienced FIs, limitations in time could result in extending your time as a trainee.
  • Area of responsibility
    • The answer to this is much the same as for the time involved in that I will send you out as far as you will let me.
      • My ultimate objective is to have sufficient FI coverage across the state so the farthest anyone FI is “required” to travel is 20-50 miles.
      • We do not yet have the coverage to achieve this goal.
    • In the meantime, you tell us how far you are able to travel.
    • The more restrictive your ability to travel could limit the number of reports available for you to investigate. As your duration of time as a trainee (FIT) is directly related to your shadowing experienced FIs, limitations in travel could result in extending your time as a trainee.
  • Duration of time as a trainee
    • The period of time for a person as a trainee (FIT) varies from person to person.
    • Factors most often include
      • The capability and/or capacity of a trainee to completely grasp the intricacies of the job
      • Reports / cases available for a trainee to participate and learn

Additional Information

Below are items which may give further information to help you determine if you think could be a Field Investigator. These are items which were included on the original job listing.

Requirements (during and after training)

  • Personal vehicle or transportation
  • Ability and availability to drive to local and remote areas within geographic areas of responsibility
  • Active cell phone, personal computer, email address and Internet access
  • Ability to provide own personal equipment and tools required for investigation process
  • We are personally responsible for all costs, expenses and expenditures for training materials without reimbursement or compensation.

Skills required

  • Strong Critical thinking and logical approaches to solve problems
  • Good analytical abilities to review and evaluate information
  • Excellent people skills: ability to understand and communicate with people effectively and in a friendly manner
  • Excellent communication skills: ability to obtain information from others and deliver information to others orally or in written form
  • Ability to work independently with self-initiative and limited direction
  • Ability to work with and as a team
  • Good writing skills: ability to clearly express ideas and thoughts in written form
  • Excellent computer skills are needed due to investigative databases, research and report writing
  • Organization skills: ability to maintain ordered paper and electronic records and files
  • Ability to carry out detailed written or verbal instructions; ability to respond to requests effectively and efficiently
  • Ability to work effectively without supervision and direction and exhibit critical thinking
  • If multilingual, fluent in both spoken and written English

Other desirable abilities, skills or experience

  • College degree or equivalent
  • Studies and work in the sciences
  • Proficiency in math and sciences: physics, algebra and trigonometry
  • 2+ years investigations experience
  • Direct interaction and communications with general public
  • Work experience requiring strong observation skills