A pillar and legacy of ufology, Stanton Friedman, has passed. You will be missed


Stanton Terry Friedman
(July 29, 1934 – May 13, 2019)
Nuclear physicist and professional ufologist

I remember that Stanton Friedman was part of my first introduction arguing the legitimacy of ufology. What I remember was witnessing a very level-headed nuclear physicist calmly presenting the evidence and facts clearly supporting the existence of UFOs. He continued to defend the legitimacy of the UFO phenomena with facts and legitimate evidence and was always ready to stand toe-to-toe with any who would try to argue against the validity of UFOs.

Stan left us a pair of shoes that may never be filled but his broad shoulders will be ever present providing a solid foundation upon which we can proudly stand. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Friedman family as they learn to adjust with life without this honorable and respected gentleman.

Stan’s Bio is available at http://www.stantonfriedman.com/

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